Worlasi / Nusɛ

Where have i been all this while that i’m just hearing about this super talented gentleman called Worlasi a.k.a Mr. W? This guy can do it all; he produces, writes, sings,raps and paint.  He released a 14 track music compilations  titled “Nusɛ”, worlasi
which translates from Worlasi’s native Ewe dialect as strength, is an audacious staging platform set to propel Worlasi to incredible heights. Every single track on this tape is simply amazing and refreshing. I did a little digging on him online, and i’m not surprised by the endorsement he is getting. See what this young genius is doing on FACEBOOK.
Press Play!!


So Seductive: Jean Feier / Lately

I decided to take a music break for a month to refresh my ears but jean feier’s “Lately” was just too magical to ignore. Her voice was super seductive and it pitched perfectly. It is a perfect song for a rainy night, you know what i mean right? Lol. The raptress is on FACEBOOK.
Enjoy Lately now!!!

This is Epic: Jae Ghost / Potential

I have known and listen to this rap beast for sometime now, and we’ve aghostctually worked on projects together. The “Potential” got me like, ‘this guy really tore the beat up’. Potential is the third video off the ‘Creative Control’ EP, released
sometime last November. in case you didn’t know, i slayed the beat.

Watch the rap beast.