Street Jam: Bac2Bak feat. Naterial / Baka

The Easter holidays has been fun packed. While enjoying the weekends there was this track, ‘Baka’, by Bac2Bak which seemed to fit right in. And so it becomes the song for the
week. Check them FACEBOOK and know what they are up to next.
Enjoy Bac2Bak – Baka below!!


This is Epic: Jae Ghost / Potential

I have known and listen to this rap beast for sometime now, and we’ve aghostctually worked on projects together. The “Potential” got me like, ‘this guy really tore the beat up’. Potential is the third video off the ‘Creative Control’ EP, released
sometime last November. in case you didn’t know, i slayed the beat.

Watch the rap beast.

Music For The Soul: Edna TheRappa FG/Plight(Video)

It’s a Thursday morning, the day of the week i was born and what i normally do on this day is to automatically transpose my soul chords. Edna TheRappa FG, i know little about, just did it for me. The pain and sorrow in her voice and how she delivered on the song got me thinking how precious it is to have both parent alive. You can check her out on facebook @Edna TheRappa FG. Peep this video friends.